Having an awesome money maker idea is one thing but the emotional element of starting something from scratch is whole different story. No matter how smart you are, how driven you are or how much funding you can get your hands on, building a business takes an emotional toll on you. What compounds matter is if you are the only person in you company and don’t have a team to support you.


As an accountant and credit analyst by training, I’m generally risk adverse and most often err on the side of caution. So starting my business is rather out of character.

I consider myself to have a measured approach by always doing more research and cost/benefit or risk/reward assessment before making a decision. This has served me well in the past and I hope it spills through into my business. If I do end up making a mistake, it should not be because I jumped into something blindly.

I have a strong willingness to learn. I know this sounds like a standard line in any graduate’s CV but I truly and honestly mean it. I’m like a sponge just wanting to absorb a whole lot of knowledge, wisdom and experiences from others. I’m young and have energy- now is the time to push.

I’m not sure if I’m going against some entrepreneur code of always being optimistic but I often think of the worst case scenario and try to mitigate the risk somehow. I’m just wired that way. I’m a realist and don’t live in a land of milk and honey. Stuff happens and I need to be prepared for it as far as possible. I’m neither a glass half full or empty type of girl- I’m more of a “get the right size glass, darnit” type 😋

I’m a rather logical thinker and…How do I put this? I think in bullet points 🙈 I sometimes find it hard to effectively communicate with creative minds and to follow their train of thought-  it sometimes feels like they are thinking in a very messy mind map with lots of detours! It’s something I need to work on.

One of (many) character flaws is that I have no patience or tolerance for shoddy workmanship or incompetence. When I deliver, it might not be perfect but at least I tried my best. So why should I accept any less in return? I suppose I need to acknowledge that perhaps we all have different standards and that I need manage my expectations accordingly.

I love networking and am confident enough to strike up a conversation with strangers regardless of rank.

I generally don’t like to talk this candidly about my achievements/skills as I don’t want to come across as boastful or cocky. I’m just doing me man. Focusing on myself and applying my energy to achieve my goals. Come what may.  So writing this blog gets a tad bit uncomfortable at times- but oh well- comfort zones are overrated!

 Is entrepreneurship really for me?

This gig is scary and stressful- so, so, stressful! But funny enough, I’m enjoying it.

I’ve said this many a time before, and my mentors can attest to this, “I have no interest in owning my business- why should I risk all my savings for a business idea that might fail. I’m quite comfortable being an employee with a stable income”… yeah, about that…. fast forward a few years later, I know find myself blogging about my entrepreneurship journey.

I often find myself saying “I’m an accountant, creativity isn’t my forte” and I honestly believed that. What I didn’t realise is that creativity comes in different forms and it’s not just drawing pretty pictures (in hindsight that makes absolute sense- duh!). One thing I knew for sure was that inefficiencies was one of my biggest bugbears and that I loved problem solving- that combo actual facilitates creativity as I would need to think out of the box and innovatively to solve problems.

Of course, one can solve problems at work- as an employee. The key difference is that, as an entrepreneur, there is no one reviewing or approving your work. There’s no support from a team of people (e.g IT, Marketing, Legal, Compliance, Accounting etc) and your personal savings is now at risk. All your effort may very well come to naught. I have no choice but to believe in myself and trust in my ability to make sound decisions. That’s some added pressure right that there!

So, to answer the question- is entrepreneurship really for me? Gosh, I have no idea!! But I owe it to myself to give it a shot! Otherwise- regret!

Look, I’m not going to lie. This gig is scary and stressful- so, so, stressful! But funny enough, I’m enjoying it. I enjoy the challenge and using both sides of my brain. With my right brain, I can be creative and think of amazing ideas for Entri, but then my left brain needs to kick and bring me back to reality- reminding me of all the constraints I need to operate in.

Comfort zones for who?

I love business and finance, always have and probably always will. But a few years after qualifying as a CA and further studying towards CFA I felt I was slowly approaching the ceiling of what I needed to know-academically speaking- obviously not from an experience perspective (I still need a lot more).

However, embarking on my start-up journey, I quickly became aware that there’s a lot I don’t know. My skills lie in business strategy and I know next to nothing about IT, marketing, publishing etc. I felt like I was removing myself completely out of my comfort zone and going into a foreign far away land that I’ve never been to before! It was overwhelming but exhilarating at the same time- my mind stretching in all dimensions as I picked up new skills and perspectives.

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